The Street Fair Poet does his thing!

So there’s this great street fair in Portland called Last Thursday on Alberta Street. I go there with my old school manual typerwriter and have a sign that says “Poems: Your subject, Your price”. And people come up, give me a subject and off I go. Now, I am no amazing Poet but I LOVE the challenge of writing without attachment. There’s no do over’s, no delete key. It’s a lesson in letting go. I just write whatever comes to mind about their subject (usually tied into yoga, breathe, chilling out etc). I give it to them and off it goes. As Mary Oliver says “You do not have to be good”. I get to practice it over and over again. So let go, write! sing! dance! move! What are you waiting for? Don’t wait until you’re perfect before you try….and yes my t-shirt says “Spiritual Gangster”…. : )

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