Happy 4th of July! Happy birthday America!

Hey America! I love you! Happy Birthday and a big ol’ yehaww to you. Thanks for all the national parks, Bon Jovi, REO Speedwagon, America girls, Taylor guitars, the Bill of Rights. I know we’re young and still kinda in the “let’s go into other countries and control their interest” stage, but that’s going away. For sure.

It’s time to stay and home a little more (unless you are just goingwith a backpack and a camera..or if we are hooking countries up with food or medicine). Time to garden, and party, and feed people, and educate our own children. That’s fucking teamwork America! Oh, and guns are TOTALLY cool but only for shooting ranges and animals if you are going to eat them. I love me some elk.

Happy Birthday America! I love you!

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