What’s your morning ritual? Five ways to start your day

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I can’t say enough about having rituals. What are they? In the most general sense they’re a series of actions done in a particular order and if you really want to make lasting changes in your life then you must have rituals that you stick with.

I was watching the movie The Wolf of Wall Street the other night and there is a scene where the main character Jordan Belfort, goes through his daily drug intake ritual (“cocaine to wake me up, pot to mellow me out”). I decided to do a parody of it switching out all the chemical activity for my morning healthy activities.



Try these five ways to start your day:

Gratitude. This is a superpower we can all continue to cultivate, and it does take daily practice to get it hardwired in our hearts.  It’s a great antidote to depression and negativity. Take just a minute while you are still lying in bed to put your hand on your heart and say 3-5 things you’re grateful for, maybe it’s a new friend, the food you have access to, or some aspect of your health.  Be sure you take the time to FEEL the feelings of gratitude in your body.

Nasal irrigation. This is not an everyday thing for me, I’ll do it when I’m feeling a cold coming on or anytime I’m feeling a bit stuffed up. Do some research on best practices before trying, most importantly is to use body temperature water with sea salt.

Lemon Water. I’m addicted to this now.  The idea is that lemon water (which is acidic) when drunk becomes alkaline in the body. Most of us are too acidic and can benefit from this practice.  Sometimes I’ll put in a little cayenne for a pick me up.

Chi Gong. Even for a few minutes this is a game changer. Here’s a video I made of one of my favorite chi gong moves, super simple and energizing….and no, slapping yourself in the face is not a move in this practice…it does wake you up though.

Yoga. I try to start my day with a minimum of 15 minutes of yoga with a few minutes of alternate nostril breathing afterwards.   Read up on alternate nostril breathing.  It’s one of my favorite practices and can really calms down the mind.

Finally meditation,  even five minutes of sitting and inviting relaxation in on the exhale can really set the tone for your day.  So try on all of these or maybe just a few. No matter what you choose try to stick with that ritual for at least 30 days so you can give it a fair trial. Let me know how it goes!

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