The Secret to Getting Things Done!

Hi Ya’ll, Have trouble getting stuff done?  Needing help staying accountable for what you want to do in life?   I got a great idea for you! Set yourself up for success with an accountability partner.  It’s been amazing for me.   I’ve recently started this and it’s super helpful.  Once a week I meet […]

Yoga, comedy, and laughter…taking it to the streets.

Hi Ya’ll!   Please, don’t take yourself so seriously This video is what happens when you take a camera along and try to get people to do yoga with you on the streets of Portland. Before becoming a yoga teacher and director of a non-profit, I’d done some comedy improv and recently I’ve missed it. […]

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Yoga on Mt. Jefferson!

Here’s my latest video taken on Mt. Jefferson during a three day backpacking trip. I had amazing weather and shot video for 3 short lessons. This first one is on standing spine twists. Probably the single best exercise you can do for your body. It energizes you and increase flexibility. Enjoy the sights of Mt. […]

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Lion’s Breath

In this video I introduce Lion’s Breath while on a backpacking trip to Mt. Hood. I even found two random hikers to demo for you!  Lion’s breath is an AMAZING way to get the tension out of your body.  The key is to really let yourself goooooo on the exhale, stick your tongue as far […]

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