The Secret to Getting Things Done!

Hi Ya’ll, Have trouble getting stuff done?  Needing help staying accountable for what you want to do in life?   I got a great idea for you! Set yourself up for success with an accountability partner.  It’s been amazing for me.   I’ve recently started this and it’s super helpful.  Once a week I meet […]

The latest article from me: 16 Spiritual Gifts You Didn’t Know You Had

Hi All, Check it out everyone.  And please share if you are compelled.   You already know you’ve got some spiritual gifts, the problem is that we forget…and by forget I mean everyday we forget.  If you’re like me you forget every hour.  As a  yoga teacher, entrepreneur, and business coach I see these gifts go […]

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January 2015 Yoga with Daniel and Magda

Yes!   Come start your New Year with myself and the amazing Magda Freedom Rod in Ojai California!   Two yoga teachers for the price of one!   How will YOU start your New Year?

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3 things Yoga Teachers need to stop doing now

Hi Ya’ll, I’ve been teaching yoga for about 10 years and have also been an Executive Director of a non-profit bringing yoga to marginalized youth.  I’ve taught in a variety of settings ranging from public classes in yoga studios to youth affected by the traumas of homelessness, PTSD, addiction and abuse.   It has been my […]

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What’s your morning ritual? Five ways to start your day

Hi Ya’ll, I can’t say enough about having rituals. What are they? In the most general sense they’re a series of actions done in a particular order and if you really want to make lasting changes in your life then you must have rituals that you stick with. I was watching the movie The Wolf […]

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Yoga, comedy, and laughter…taking it to the streets.

Hi Ya’ll!   Please, don’t take yourself so seriously This video is what happens when you take a camera along and try to get people to do yoga with you on the streets of Portland. Before becoming a yoga teacher and director of a non-profit, I’d done some comedy improv and recently I’ve missed it. […]

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Happy Earth Day

Hi All, We got out of the Street Yoga office and got into the earth yesterday. Check it out:

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Great video on yoga and pregnancy with two Portland teachers

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Get on it! Catch up to the now.

Get up from your seat and go change that wall calendar now.  You know…the one you haven’t changed since February.  It’ll give ya a sense of accomplishment.  Happy August.

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Starting to do massage at Yoga Pearl!

Starting in August I’ll be doing massage out of Yoga Pearl Wednesday before 1pm and all day Sundays.  More info coming on this!  I look forward to working with you on your continued healing.  And be sure no matter who you are getting massage from that you are working on breathing long and deep.  Know […]

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