Check out the latest happenings with me!  I’ve uploaded a couple of free simple yoga videos.  Please watch and follow along.  It’s so good for you.

Yoga Classes and Coaching

“Daniel’s style is a beautiful mix of playfulness and depth.  He carries his class through both challenging and restful asanas with thoughtfulness.  A spiritual seeker himself, his classes are inspiring, jovial and witty.” -Rose S.  Yoga Teacher     Are you ready to take a dive deeper with your yoga passion?   My coaching for […]

Deep Tissue Massage in Ojai

Are you wanting lasting results from your massage?  I have a strong history of getting results using deep tissue and structural techniques to get you out of pain and back to doing the activities that you love to do! I focus on returning proper functionality to the muscles and joints so you can be at your best. I start by looking […]